A vision

Like many I get visions. I would like to tell you about one vision of mine.I have been talking and spending time with Mother Nature and crystals for as long as I can remember. I have felt a change during the past few years. In my vision I got an explanation to the shift I had felt.I saw Mother Earth from above. I could see all her beauty. I could see how she is alive, that she is a living being.Underneath the surface I could see or feel movement. All around the planet I could sence crystal caves and pockets. I could feel how these work with balancing our whole planet. How their energies radiate all the way to the core, all the way to us humans to.I could feel how Mother Earth at this time is calling the Crystal kingdom to come closer to the surface so that we can find the.

They are here at this time to help and assist us in the transformation that is coming, to birth a new world into form.We are many now who can feel this shift. A lot of things are surfacing for us as well. The darkness inside that we have been hiding all need to come out in to the light. We can not hide our fear anymore. We can not hide ourselves from ourselves any longer. It is time to face our fears and step into the light.

The Crystal kingdom and all the crystals are here to help and assist us. They long for us to do our work. If we all do our small part of the whole this new world will come in to form.With this vision I can understand my work. I understand why I am called at this time to make necklaces with crystals. It’s becouse I was chosen and becouse I answered the calling. I said yes and the crystals started to help me with my work.I am forever greatful for this. I am greatful for answering the calling. I am greatful for my work and that I can live my passion. I am greatful for all the messages I get from the crystals that I can deliver with every piece of jewelry I make.Now my work is also including making a web course where I teach crystal healing. This is really exciting. I feel very guided in this and my crystals help me with what I will teach.I am forever greatful for life’s gifts.

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