I have always had a deep connection to crystals, ever since I was a child. In my early twenties I took a course in crystal healing and alowly I got to know the crystal kingdom. I always carried around crystals in my pockets and eventually I got tired of the weight and decided to put them into jewellery. I then took a course in silversmithing and was able to carry them on me more easily and bring more beauty into my life.

I love to put the creations into ceremonial healing jewellery. I am always guided when I choose crystals to work with and I newer know the end result. I am also a priestess and I love to take my finished pieces and bring them with me into ceremony. I can also take them into a personal ceremony after you have purchased one to really boost the energy to let the crystals work deeply for you.You can also order your own individually designed piece. Send me an email with your request.

Johanna Stjerndahl