All life is sacred

Today I went in to the woods. I felt the calling to feel trees and see all the colorful leaves that are falling to the ground right now.

As I was walking I almost stumbled on a small bird. I have never seen a bird on the ground like this before.

I could feel that it was hurt. So I picked it up and held it in my hand. I could feel it’s precense so strongly. It was alive and I could feel the energy pouring from it to me. We were connect to each other.

It was hurt and when I held it in my hand it almost fell asleep.

I carried it with me in to the woods and I walked with it in my hand for about an hour.

When it was time for me to leave I could feel it slowly waking. So I left it in a safe place. It opened its eyes and looked at me.

I felt sad, what if it wouldn’t make it? I thought that I could bring it home but I really felt it belonged in nature.

This morning I had chosen to wear a neckless with a rutilated quartz and Lemurian clear quartz and as I held the bird I really could feel why. The necklace is full of guardian angel energy. And as I left the bird I could feel as if an angel wrapped its wings around me, making me trust that all was well. And that all life is sacred. And that we are all connected.

As the leaves were falling I left the forest. Autumn is death but also rebirth. And transformation. When life moves from one thing to something else.

And that we all are safe and held wherever we go.

We are part of nature. We are nature. We are life and we are death at the same time.

We are all sacred. Protected by our Mother Earth, guarded by Father Sky.

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