Finding our own center

We are all divine beings. We are made perfect. We are made of divine energy.

It is as simple as that?

Why do we sometimes make it so hard and complicated?

For me it has to do with that I get lost and need to find my way back to myself.

It has to do with finding my center.

The center is called a lot of things. Sometimes it is referred to as your heart, soul, spirit. What you call it is not important.

What is important is that you feel what is right for you.

Your center is what connects you to the divine. Or the part of you that remembers that you are a divine being.

Where you remember that you have it all, because you are part of the infinite source.

From this sourse you can receive all you want and need. But only if it really resonates with your true being.

This is when it gets tricky.

How do I know what resonated with me? How do I know what I really want?

It’s both easy and hard. You turn your focus inwards, to your center, and you listen.

How do you center yourself?

I sit in meditation, very often with my drum, and remind myself of the fact that I am divine. I see myself as part of the whole.

Then I just breath there for as long as it takes. The more often I do this the more often I center myself.

I see it as a drop of water falling in to the ocean. I am part of the whole, the ocean. But I am also the drop. At the same time. I am divine.

I am divine, living in a fysical body right now, but I am still divine.

I as you know by now work with crystals, and what they do is to assist in keeping me in contact mith my divinity. They help me to remember.

They help me to keep me on track.

I am! And that is enough.


Because I am divine.

And so are You!!!!

Walk in love and beauty ❤️

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