Inner child

What does it mean when we hear that we have to take care of our inner child?

I have been on this journey of transformation and getting to know myself and why I do the things I do for a long time.

I have always been guided and right now my angels and crystals tell me to be a bridge between the crystal kingdom and our world, to spread the word about crystals.

I love my work, when I folllow my heart I feel that it sings.

I have been struggling with the feeling of being alone all of my life. The crystals have always been there for me to guide and support me.

I was a very lonely child. I have always seen things in pictures and since I don’t remember so much from when I was a child I get pictures. The picture I get is of a little girl trying to connect and get attention, wanting nothing else than being loved for who she is and not what everyone else wanted.

Unconditional love as a child is very important to develop a healthy life for your heart and your soul. If we didn’t get that as small children we struggle to understand and find a way. This is hard, it’s like walking in the dark without a flashlight sometimes.

I have felt like I had a big hole in me for a long time, I remember as a teenager having like an ocean of tears that I wanted to cry out.

I felt lonely and like I didn’t belong. My angels were always there to take care of me, but as most children I was told not to have stupid fantasies. So growing up I could not feel them and the sence of being and feeling alone was sometimes overwhelming.

As my spiritual search went on I tryed to understand. Why was I feeling like this.

Now I know. If we are not loved and cared for as children we never develop that stability and self love like we should.

To me this is so painful to finally understand. That I didn’t get what I should have had.

This is part of our karma that has followed us for generations. If we grow up with parents that are closed, with a closed heart unable to love we don’t get that unconditional love that we should have had, that is our birth right.

I know now that my partent did what they could. They loved me as best as they could. As their parents loved them as best as they could.

I am greatful for my images showing me my inner child. A little girl who is unloved, angry and hurt. There is a lot of self loathing and self hate in her.

What I can do now is to be her mother like my own mother could not.

It is my job now to love her as much as I can, to show her that she is important and worthy of being loved.

As I do this I feel the chains of unworthyness fall. Not just for me but for my ancestral lineage.

I take her in my arms and turn to the Godess. I can feel the Godess arms around me and my arms around my inner child. I can feel the Crystal kingdom supporting us and sending love.

I can see myself in a crystal cave deep underground in a warm embrace of the Godess, where I hold my inner child in an embrace I would have wished from my mother.

I am greatful for finally landing in this, I feel like I have hit the final layer of understanding.

It all starts and ends here. At the center of my being. Where I can finally rest in my self, in my heart. Where I can finally receive what I was always supposed to have.

So I let go of all unworthyness and all the feeling of not being loved.

Instead I rest in the arms of my mother Gaia, the Godess. I let her fill my up with love. As I receive I also am able to open my heart and love more.

Thank you for everything I was given.

Thank you for all the support.

Thank you to the Crystal kingdom and my angels for always being there.

Now comes the time for true transformation.

With open arms I open up to receive.

I walk in beauty and love.

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