Letting the crystals hold me in healing, when in transformation

I am on a journey. I am tired of holding myself back.

I feel like I have been almost sleeping for a long time. Now I have been in hibernation for long enough. It’s time to step in an regain my full potential.

A dear friend of mine is helping me. He does CTT, a tapping technique where you go back to past lives to find what is holding you back.

In our last session I found myself on Atlantis. I was working with crystals, learning how to work with them and using them as power tools.

Atlantis was a place of light and knowledge. Highly advanced species were working to develop this beautiful place. There was so much light that this light attracted dark beings that wanted to use the power of crystals for negetive purposes.

I could see myself in this life on Atlantis as being taken over by these dark beings and doing a lot of damage.

When I woke up and realized what I had done I felt so much shame and guilt. It was a horrible feeling. I felt how hard I was on myself. And that this self loathing had been with me ever since. The shame was so strong that I felt like I didn’t deserve the good things in life. That I was worthless and that no good could come to me, that I didn’t deserve it.

We tapped on it and I could feel the feeling of worthlessness go away.

I could feel the change, how layer and layers of negetive emotions leaving me. All that was left was this beautiful light being, full of power.

I knew that this was me, it Is me. And I’m worthy. I am worthy of love and of all goodness that comes in my way.

I am so greatful for this session. To feel this light.

When I looked at myself and my eyes after the session I could see how they were shining.

I have been guided to have two powerful tools to guide me on my path at this time.

It is time for me to move through my fears and in to my light.

The first one is from a very talented friend. It’s a Smokey quartz like I have never seen before.

It will allow me to go down the rabbit hole in to other dimentions of myself and find my light. It is a powerful crystal and just what I need as support to be brave enough for this quantom leap.

The other one came to me in a dream. It is rainbow obsidian and Smokey quartz. It is full of power and it will allow me to meet my darkness and help me transform it into gifts of light.

I love how the crystals are always giving and ready to assist us and help us on our path.

Walk in beauty and love


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