My gift to the world

It is becoming more and more clear why i am here and what my gift is in this life. I have been looking for it all my life, the meaning of it all. And now i feel I am on to something.

When i was a child i used to run away my mother has told me. But that is not true, i didnt run away, I followed my angels. The picture i have of them is also becoming more clear. There are three that walk with me closly. I feel that the time has come to walk into the light and spred my gift. So I will. 

I will tell you my visions, the inner pictures I get and what they are telling me.
So through text and through video I will spread the message I was sent here to give You.

The messsage of magic, of connection and of the stories the crystal kingdom has for us all.

Much Love!

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