Amethyst fairy quartz with magical quartz crystal wand in 925 silver

1,950 kr

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This is a magical piece. I feel it is strong and that it really wants to work.

The fairy quartz is deep and open for communication. The quartz wand is full of different colors. It has a lot of rainbows in it. Its playful and happy.

It wants to work with someone who is ready and willing to dive deep into their own inner landscape to look at their darkness and shadows. The necklace is telling me that it wants to assist its carrier with finding what is uniquely  them, what their gift to the world is.

There is do much light do discover insider ourselves. We are lightbeings who have forgotten about who we are and why we are here. It is time for us to step into our own truth and our gift to the world.
This necklace is ready to do the work!