Australian opal with Lemurian quartz crystal in 925 silver

1,700 kr

I lager


Opal is an amazing crystal to work with. This one is bit shy but it comes out when the sun shines on it. It is travelling with a Lemurian quartz crystal.

The message that it has is one of just shining. First we need to start loving ourselves fully to be able to shine our light. This is hard work. We need to see our dark sides and love them until there is no more darkness to be found there. In the light and love there are no shadows that we can be afraid of.

The Lemurian comes with knowledge of old. Ancient messages have been hidden in them and if you tap into this you can help yourself and others to let this knowledge come into the light and in to our world again.

This piece is looking for someone who needs assistance with this process. To allow for what is hidden in you to come into the light.

If there are sides of you that needs more light you can ask this necklace to work with this.