Black Moonstone with smokey quartz in 925 silver

2,100 kr

Slut i lager


This is  piece that has been waiting to be made for a long time. Black moonstone has been hard to come by.

The black moonstone is a crystal that helps us to accept all our sides and love them for what they are. If we can love all of us we can really grow into the people we were meant to be.
There is a strong connection to the moon and our own mystery. It urges us to follow our path. Not just our spiritual path but our path as humans, as part of nature.

The smokey quartz is also assisting with our darkness but in a completely different way.
The smokey quartz makes you see your darkness and lets you bring it out into the light so that you can see all that you have hidden. So that you can discover that there is really pieces of gold in your darkness. When you see it and can bring it out you can stand complacently in your power and stand strong.
Then you can truly do all the work that you were sent here to do