Black star diopside with Herkimer diamond quartz in 925 silver

1,850 kr

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This piece is small but powerful. Two amazing crystals have chosen to be together, and together they create magic.

The Star Diopside is an interesting crystal. It is black and therefore connected to Mother Earth, but this is so much more. I feel so much power in this. Like a vulcano of power, the deep deep power from deep within the earth. The star in it is also connected to the universe and the immence power that we find there in the great nothingness where everything is to be found.

The Herkimer diamond quartz is also a powerful crystal. It is double terminated, so it is connecting you to both Mother Earth and Father Sky. It will transform the energies and help to move them up and down your chakra system.

It is a powerful manifester. If you in a clear way can express what you want, this piece will assist you in speeding up the process and allow you to meet the right people and let the right events  show up in a loving way for you.

Open up to receive and allow all what you are waiting for come to you.