Black star ruby with smokey citrin quartz in 925 silver

1,900 kr

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Black ruby star with smokey citrin quartz has a lot of interesting and powerful properties.

The Ruby is the crystal of the Godess. This one is very dark so it is sometimes called Black Star.
It really is a dark and powerful crystal. I feel the energy of Kali in this one. The massiv transformational power that she has. But in this is also so much love and compassion.

The smokey citrin quartz is here for balance. It will support you in your journey of transformation. Smokey quartz takes you deep into your darkness and lets light in where it feels like only darkness. The citrin is like a flashlight. It will shine its loving light and let you see the sides that you have been hiding from. For true tranformation to occur we need to peal our layers. And the crystals are so amazingly loving and supporting in this.

This is a powerful tool to use when ypu want to dive deep inside your self and find your core and true strength.