Clear crystal quartz star with Lemurian quartz wand

2,100 kr

I lager


You are a star.
I am a star.
We all shine.

We all have it in us.
We are made of light and stardust.

If we dare to shine ❤️ We are all important. And it is important that we step into our power and live our full potential.

We have come to a crossroad. We can choose now how we want our future will look like.

What do you choose?
What kind of life do you want to create?

We live now, but our actions have consequences, our choices will effect our children, and their children and so on.
We are the product of our parent. But we have the ability now to step away from their karma and create our own.

The time is Now ❤️ This piece wants to assist you to find your inner light, so that you can shine like a star.
It wants to bring out the best in you.

As stars we shine together ?

Clear quartz crystal shaped like a star with a Smokey Lemurian quartz crystal in 925 silver.

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Photography @enenkelman