Double Herkimer diamond quartz with swedish smokey Quartz crystal in 925 silver

1,700 kr

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This piece is one that longs for a new world, a world where every person takes responsability for their own issues. It just takes one person to start for everyone to follow. This is a possibility for a new world to come in to form.

It is a strong piece. The Herkimer has a lot of the qualities of a diamond, and in this piece there are two that has grown together. It represents that we are never alone, we need each other to do our work. We are all mirrors to one another. We are all here for a reason. If there is an issue that you have with someone else, it is really an issue that you have with yourself. This piece will assist you with this, to deepen the understanding of yourself, and therefore also others.

For this new world to come into form it is important that you start to work with yourself, and that you start to love yourself.

If you use this piece in meditation and prayer it will assist you to see colors in you and the world around you have not seen before. The world is full of loving colors, and you are part of this beautiful painting. None except you can do what you are here to do. You are important to our world right now. Go ahead and shine your light, let the world see you. This is part of a changing world.