Double terminated ametrine with ram ametrine in 925silver

2,450 kr

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This is a spectacular piece.
Ametrine is an amazing crystal. It is part amethist and part citrine and it is all natural. This is not a common crystal at all.

As all double terminated crystals it will assist with letting the energies flow from the base to the top and back again, connecting heaven and earth.

This is a worker of energies and a piece to wear when you want to wake up or speed up your spiritual awakening.

The top raw ametrine is bringing in a bit of raw energy to allow you to let go of control that we sometimes belive that we need. What we need to remember that everything is out of our control. We just have to accept that and enjoy the ride.

This is a super rare piece with very special crystal that I think I might not have the honor of working with again.
I am grateful for having had the pleasure of working with them