Faceted Aquamarine with double terminated clear quart crystal in 925 silver

1,950 kr

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This is an etheric piece that I also feel a lot of water around.

Water is connected to feelings, and this is no exception. This piece really want to assist with your emotions.

The double terminated quartz is assisting with letting the energies flow freely in your energy system, up and down your chakra system. This allows you to connect heaven and earth, so that you can let the sacred marriage of Mother Earth and Father Sky in your heart.

The message I am getting is that this want’s to work with someone who needs to balance their emotions.

The color blue is the color of the throat chakra, wish stands or communication. And this piece want’s to work with inner communication.

You are responsible for your own destiny and your  own life. For ypu to be able to really work you sometimes need assistance to stay clear and centered so that you can focus on why you are here and what ypu realy want in life.