Faceted ruby with clear crystal quartz

1,700 kr

Slut i lager


This is a really feminin piece. It is sensual and loving.

It want’s to bring out your sensual side and allow you to bloom. It will assist you to take steps in your life to be more You, to let your feminin powers blossom.

What does it mean to step into your feminin power?
It means that you say Yes to You. That you see your strengths as a woman. That you follow your own path and that you understand your deep connection to Mother Earth.

We are weavers and magic makers as women. We can hold so much energy that we can even give birth to new life.

When you understand how amazing You are as a woman, you are ready to step into your power. Then you won’t hold back anymore. Then you will step in to your power and embracing it with an open heart.