Green rutilized faceted quartz with clear quartz wand in 925 silver

1,800 kr

I lager


This piece is very delicate and soft.

Rutilated quartz is a crystal that i really love, the green one is quite new. When the golden rutilated quartz is connected with guardian angels this green rutilated quartz is connected to the protective spirits of the earth and our hearts. I find it to be a very ethereal crystal with a lot of special qualities.

When I feel in and connect to this I feel a lot of love for Mother Earth and our environment.

This one is looking for someone who has a great passion for working with the environment and how to come about change in our world. One who has a connection to the earth and loves to work with plants and and animals. A real passionate soul.
It want’s to assist with making your work flourish, since your work is also making Mother Earth flourish.

I have a sense that this piece is hiding a lot of knowledge about how one can do things differently. It is like the connection to theses protective spirits is waiting for someone to come along who is ready to take this new thoughts and ideas and birth them into our world. The world needs a lot of innovative solutions at this point.

Will you be the one who is to help bring about a fresh beginning with new ideas into the world?