Malachite with singing clear quarz crystal

1,700 kr

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Malachite is a crystal that works with your heart. Its is powerful and strong. All that you are hiding from it will take up to the surphace so that you can work with it. All our fears and darkneses need to come out into the light so that we can shower even thouse sides with love and understand that in our darkness lies great power.
We are all different and we all have different paths to travel.

The clear quartz crystal is a singing quarz. The sounds that it makes when you take another crystal and move it slowly on this one is amazing.
It will assist with playfullness and working with your speach.

Together these two are a powerful tool to crack open your heart and allow for more love, more life. And it will with joy and singing relise what you no longer need so that there is room for expantion.