Moonstone with double terminated herkimer diamond quartz with twin wand at the top in 925 silver

1,700 kr

Slut i lager


This piece is small but strong. The Moonstone wants to connect with the great mystery that is you. It is deeply feminin and I feel a lot of emotions running like water when I connect to it. It also has a connection to the moon and the cycles of life.

It is looking for someone who wants to connect to their own feminin core. To explore what it is to be a fully woman. Someone who needs guidance to follow her own rytm and her own water and emotions.

As we stand in our truth and connect to our inner self, our body, our temple we can really feel that we are blessed in the now for having this life experince. As we land in ourselves more we can embody more and create more.

What is it that you want? This necklace also gives permission to be programmed, for you to plant a wish in it to work with.