Mysterious Blue Stone with Lemurian Clear Quartz Crystal

1,700 kr

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This blue stone has quite a story. I bought it thinking that it was a black moonstone. It was dark when I found it at a friends place. He is letting a lot of his crystals go that he has been collecting for years. He couldent remember what kind of crystal it was. When I looked at it the next morning I saw that it was blue like a Saphier, but it has streaks of greyish wonder where it looks like black moonstone.

I have felt in to it and I feel that is really feminin and soft and that it wants to work with comminication in a soft and feminin way. A lot of the energies coming forth on our planet at this moment are very feminin. It is time for women to take their place and step into our full potential. We need to step up and step in and do what we are here to do. We need feminin leadership and softness. A new world will be born.
If you feel drawn to this new world that has been slumbering for quite some time now, and if you feel called to be part of this, this crystal necklace is for you.

It will softly and gently, in a feminin way, assist you on your path to take the steps you need to take to stand in your power and find your way to live your life in full your full potential.

The Lemurian quartz is part of the old and old knowledge. It will assist with its knolwedge so that we can learn from our past and thake that knowledge with us in to the future.