Opal with lemurian quartz in 925 silver.

1,700 kr

Slut i lager


This opal is really shiny and sparkly. Its so full of light and positive energy. When I look at it i just feel like anything is possible.

The opal is link between heaven and earth. What we want to manifest in our lives it assists us with. There is so much energy and light in here, like a great thunderstorm when the heavens fertilize the earth.

The Lemurian is full of ancient knowledge that is ready to come back into our realm again. When you feel its surface you can feel the there are patterns there, like they have been engraved into it, hiding the messages from ancient times.

This piece comes with ancient knowledge and light. There is so much we can learn again, or unlearn what we have learnt that is not serving us anymore.

This necklace is looking for someone who needs assistance with knowing what to manifest. Who needs a helping hand to stay on their path. Who needs light and a boost of power from the outside to ignite their own inner light and set their soul on fire.