Rainbow Obsidian with Smokey quartz wand in 925 silver

3,200 kr

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Rainbow obsidian is one of the most powerful crystals I work with. They have a lot of heat and fire. Together with Smokey Quartz they are powerful tools to work with.

The rainbow obsidian is made out of lava. When the lava cooled of it did so very fast, that’s why there is a rainbow color in it.
It has the energy and fire of Mother Earth.

If you want to transform and step into your power this is a piece for you.

The smokey quartz is a great protector and it allows your shadows to come out into the light so that you will be able to transform them and see the gifts that they carry.

This is not a piece for everyone. Wearing it will put a lot of things in motion.

It is important that you set a clear intention before you start to work with it. It will take you places you didn’t know you wanted to go.