Raw Amethyst with double terminated Lodolite crystal

2,450 kr

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This is very special to me, I love how it came into being and the message it is carrying.

The raw amethyst is wild and beautiful. There are a number of small wands in this as it is a cluster. The message i am getting is that it will work with your spirituality and assist with finding ypur soul family, but also allow you to send out energy in different directions.

The amethyst will work on ypur third eye and allow it to open and flow more freely.

The Lodolite is a mysterious crystal for me. A lot of earthy and grounding energies at the same time as it is a quartz witch makes it also full of light.
It has been called the shaman crystal, and I really understand why.
It will allow you to work with heaven and earth at the same time.

Double terminated crystal are here to assist us with allowing the energies to flow up and down our energy system to balance our whole being. By doing this we also help our whole planet to find balance. When we do our inner work it expands in to our outer world as well.

This is a magical and powerful piece that is looking for someone who is ready to step in and be part of the great transformation that is happening all over our planet. Someone who is ready to dream a new world into reality.