Raw fairy quartz with clear quartz wand in 925 silver

2,250 kr

Slut i lager


This piece is carrying a lot of light. There is a lot of angelic energies around it.

When I feel into this piece I sense angels all around. They are close and willing to work.

It is looking for someone who needs a lot of light and protection. Mabey you are working with transforming a lot of negative energies and need a lot of support to be able to handle it.

The fairy quarts is a bit wild. This one will assist in finding ways where you seem to have hit a wall. It will bring in different solutions and spark your creative mind.

The clear quarts is a carrier of energies and will help you transform what you don’t want to carry anymore when it comes to emotional bagage.

It will also assist with keeping your intentions clear and keep your feet steady on your path.