Rose Quartz with Amethist Fairy Quartz Wand

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I feel so much love pouring out of this one. Rose quartz is amazing crystal to work with when it comes to the heart, love and emotions.

What this crystal tells me is that it wants to work with someone who wants to open up for more love, but who also needs a lot of support to forgive, forgive yourself and forgive others.

The fairy quartz make this work joyfull. The fairy kingdom teaches us how to let go and be in the now. It also helps us to feel joy and see the beauty in life.

The energy of this piece is free flowing with a sence that you always are worthy and that all that you desire will come to you when you open up to recive.

Love is a strong Power and energy that we can tap into. All we need to do is to open up our hearts to recive the magical gifts of life and we will be richly rewarded.