Rose quartz with Vera Cruz Amethist in 925 silver

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This piece is soft and sweet. The Rose quartz is loving and forgiving. It wants to take you by the hand and assist you in forgiveness.
We all have different kinds of wounds that we live with and that holds us back from living fully. If we are able to see them we can start to come to terms with them and love them. When we love something we are not scared anymore. So for living a full life you really have to see all of you, and love all of you.

The Vera Cruz Amethyst is very special. Its very etherical and its energies go deep, they really penetrate you. It is a very spiritual crystal and I feel it has strong connection to your higher self, your highest potential.

This piece might be small but it has come with a great purpose. It wants to assist in your spiritual growth so that you can incarnate fully and be here 100% as You. You are so so needed at this time in this Now. It is up to you to say Yes!