Star ruby with black obsidian

1,900 kr

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This is a piece that is deeply connected to Mother Earth.

The Star ruby is connected to the Godess and your inner Godess. The Godess is a facet of Mother Earth. She is the link between us and Mother Earth. She can be many things, the virgin, the mother and the crone. As women we move through all these, and each of them has their own power and character.

The obsidian is a lava stone. It is deeply connected to the earth and can draw power from it. There is a lot of heat in it.

Both of them together form a powerful bond. They really want to work.

The message is that it wants to work with someone who wants to really dig deep into the earth and find their inner power. To find support and power in letting all the three aspects of womanhood come together and work as one strong unite.

From Earth we have come and from earth we shall once return. Lets make our time here worth living, and let it be heard.