Star Ruby With Lemurian Quartz in 925 silver

1,750 kr

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The Star Ruby is for me a gift from the Godess. I fell the energy stong of how she holds us and wants the best for us.
Star Ruby is also for me very connected to the new feminin energies that are coming up to the surface again. I feel strongly that a new world can be born if we women rise to our highest potential.

Star Ruby is a crystal that I work with a lot, and the women that choose to travel with it are always strong and centered, ready to make the big jump into the unknown, their own power and greatness.

The Lemurian Quartz is full of ancient knowledge and is a great support. If you travel with it on a daily bases or meditate with it, it will slowly let you get to know its ancient hidden secrets.

This piece is looking for someone who is ready to step into hers or his own power. To open up to discover your greatness and shine your light to the world.