Star ruby with lodolite quartz crystal in 925 silver

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This is a small piece with a lot of power.
It has a strong connection to the Godess.

It has a very special aura, like there is a being that has moved in to it, like as if a small piece of the Godess is alive in it.

The image I get when i feel in to this one is of a wast magical forest where the Godess is living. She is part of this magical forest where everything is possible.

The star ruby is connected to the Godess and the lodolite is a quartz that often is called the crystal of the shaman.

This is a piece for someone who want’s to connect to their own femininity and magic. Someone who want’s to let out their magical side and the side that we so often hide away. The side that is wild and childlike, who sees life as a game we play. A game that is joyful.

The Godess wan’t to connect us to the feminin mystery and our inner worlds. And to make is realize that we are part of Mother Earth, that we are all her children.