Welo Opal with Fairy Amethist Quartz Crystal

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This is a small piece of joy and happiness. Opal and fairy quartz are so good togehter. I love the energy that they bring out of each other.

Opal is very strong to work with, fire and lightning. Whatever you wish to manifest on this plane it will assist you with.
The fairy quartz is really a gift from the fairy kingdom. It is full of energy, freedom, play and life.

Together they will assist you to take steps in life to manifest your dream life, but always in a playfull way.
If you sit down and meditate with this one you can almoust see the fairies playing around you.

It is an amethist fairy quartz so it has a high freequence, like all spirit beings.

I love this piece and would love to keep it, but it is clear that it is not for me.
So I surrender and let go. And know that it will find its home soon.