Stormy ocean

Some times life tosses you around like a small boat on a stormy ocean. All hope seems lost and there is nothing but darkness all around.

What do we do then? How do we find the shore again.

After rain comes sunshine, always.

We need to stay in the now and have trust that another day will come and it will bring sunshine.

Sometimes it is really hard, when we feel lost and like we are swept away by the wast ocean and the waves.

When I was younger I had such a hard time to find trust when I felt the darkness gather around me. Then, as now the darkness is not outside of me. It comes from my inside.

When my deepest, darkest wounds are awakened I lose my ground and feel like I am falling.

I feel like I am spinning and there is nothing that can help me to find my center.

But as I let the tears come with release the claws of fears slowly releases and I can breath again. Slow, so slow I feel my feet on the ground again.

It’s like I have been drifting in a small boat on this big vast ocean and all of a sudden the sky clears and the sun comes shining again.

All of a sudden I find myself in a small bay with calm water and white sand and turquoise water alla around.

All of a sudden I feel so immensely greatful for being alive, for every gift in my life.

My tears are not from fear anymore but from love.

Life is sweet and I am still me. A bit shaken and torn, but I still feel my light and my strength.

New perspectives and new vision.

I rest now in the arms of myself.

Mother Earth is holding me in her womb. All around I see crystals. Like I am in this great cave of crystals.

The crystals are ever present.

And I am greatful ❤️

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