The time is Now!

Spirit is really working through me right now. I can feel that I am a tool and that I am important.  

I feel like my life is not really my own. I am on a mission and the time is Now!

There are so many good things happening in the world right now. Change is coming. But there is so much fear out there. I have a mission to spread these new stories. Stories of hope and change. And the hope that we can do it, together.

I also have a mission to spread the voice of the mineral kingdom. They want to work. They also want to work and help Mother Earth to transform. We are all her children living on her skin. I have a wish to let her beauty shine soo stong again. We can make a change. If we do it Now!

We are all needed. We need to realize that we are living in the garden of Eden. That all we want, is already here. But, we need to protect it. We are standing at a crossroad right now, which road to we choose for ourselves and our children? Do we lift us up from the coach and look at each other and see that we all are One and that we need to come together to work for a similar goal, to let this planet and all her children blossom, or do we just close down and let fear of loosing what we have rule?

For me the choise is already made. I have said Yes. I am here to work. I am here to do all I can. And I will. I will shine my light and inspire. I will speak up for thouse who have no voice, the voice of the crystal kingdom.  I am a servent and a Priestess of Mother Earh. I am here Now.
The voices are becoming stonger. I will follow and walk the path that is laying before me. 

I have chosen my path, and the choice was easy. 

I will let the storm take me and lead the way wherever it takes me. I will work where I am most needed. Life will never be the same. 

But it will be wonderful 

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