Up and running

Now its up and running. So much work. I am greatful for all the help and support i am getting.
I am really good at working with my hands in the physical world, not so much the tecnical one. But i am learning.

Midsummer has come and gone, but the energy is still around. We gathered as a tribe at Stjernhem, first in a sweat lodge then in ceremony by the fire. My house and land was full of people and i could feel myself expand, but also my place. We are getting ready for the new that is coming but allso all the new that is aready here.

The crystals in the picture is Rainbow Obsidian. They are really powerful tools to work with. They bring out the darkness in you in to the light so that you can look at it in the light and transfor it. They are here to help you and support you, to take this darkness and transform it to something beautiful. 

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