We need to start with ourselves.

Sometimes I feel so small. The word around me spinns so fast. I have a hard time to see the why. I just see the small me.

This is the time when I need to take a break and just be, to catch up with me and the world within me.

Yesterday I had a photoshoot with a dear friend of mine who is a very talented photographer. What makes her special is that she uses her intuition and inner guidence when she works.

We chose a place that has become important to me lately, Vätteryds stone setting, the biggest stone setting in Northern Europe. This place is starting to wake up again after the new owner bought the place a few months back. It’s like this place has been waiting for them to come so that the magic hidden in the land can come to life again.

We started by connecting to the place and ourselves. I immediately could feel precense there from the ancestors, they were pleased to have us there.

When my friend started to talk she spoke of me and my work. Of how I am part of a bigger picture. How my work with crystals and the feminine energies have a much bigger importance than I could imagine. I got blown away. I have been so cough up in my little world working that I haven’t even considered that I was part of a bigger plan.

It became a beautiful evening as we continued working. Time flew and we had to catch the light before it was dissappearing with the setting sun.

As we worked I could connect with myself, my gift, my crystals. But also with the land. I was drumming and welcoming the energies that wants to work with us and that is ready to assist us, so that we can assist ourselves and Mother Earth.

It is so clear that we really need to start with ourselves, to connect to our own core our heart and soul. Especially when the world around us is spinning a bit to fast.

I know it can be scary and that it sometimes feels like it is to much to handle. But we are never alone. Don’t forget that you can ask for guidance and support. I ask my crystals and my guides and guardian angels. And we have sisters and brothers around us who would love to help. Giving help and receiving help is so important in our quest to become more human and more of who we were sent here to be.

All is well. Give yourself time to grow into the new you.

Today is a day of rest, to land even more into me. To allow myself to accept that in every growth process and in times of transformation you need to rest to allow for change.

You are important and guided, breath and trust my friend.

With love!


(I will share pictures of the photoshoot when I receive them)

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