When the world is spinning

Life has been spinning a bit to fast lately. There are so many things that I want to do, and a lot of messages are passing through me.

I really love it when I’m in it, but where I am at right now is in the void in between.

Creativity has been flowing and now my energy reserves are almost gone. So now I just have to hit brake.

All of the fun things that I was supposed to do I have to cansel. It feels a bit sad, but I need rest to gather energy to keep going.

I understand that this has to do with finding balance.

I am part of nature. Mother Earth lives is me like I live in her. Her life is cyclic. And so is mine. I can’t go against my own natural cycle.

So today is a day of rest.

Black Moonstone and Smokey quartz is calling me.

What they want to offer me today is stillness and letting go of old beliefs.

The void in between is not a dangerous place.

When the leaves fall of the trees in the autumn outside they do so with joy. Their life like it was is over. And so is mine. A time of great transformation is over, now comes the time to integrate.

I need to retract my energies and hold them inside and rest. So that when the next wave of movement comes I will be able to receive it.

So I will just sit and breath by the fire and watch the clouds pass by in the sky. I will watch as the leaves follow the wind on their new journey ahead.

I will feel connected to my self, my soul and my heart. And rest in that all is well. That I also follow the flow of life. That I am held and loved. That I don’t have to do anything but just be. Sometimes that is enough.

I will carry my necklace with black moonstone and Smokey quartz and receive the messages from them an feel held by the Crystal kingdom.

In gratetude of what is I will rest in the woomb of my mother today. I will rest in her arms and be held like all her children. We are all one.

All is well!

Walk in beauty and love!

Turning inward to listen to the Crystal kingdom
I get a lot of support from the black moonstone and Smokey quartz Lemurian quartz crystal.
Autumn, time to let go and relax. I trust in what is and I feel held by Mother Earth. Like her I follow my natural cycles.

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