Why do we need to do our inner work?

I am getting the question a lot these days. Why do we need to do our inner work. Why can’t we just keep at it as we have always been doing?

If I look at myself and my own life it is clear to me that what I really want to do is to dive deep down into myself so that I can be in contact with my core.

I want to center myself and be in touch with Me, My heart and My soul.

When I feel that I have contact I feel in balance. And when I feel balanced I feel that the outer world resonates back to me from that place.

I listened to a talk with Sandra Ingerman and she said it so nicely. That when we are calm and clear on the inside the world outside is calm and clear.

She also speaks of inner pollution. That we polute the world with our inner chaos. And this really resonates with me.

Since I was a child I had a deep connection to nature and Mother Earth. I grew up close to nature. This came very natural to me, to connect. To still myself and let nature speak to me and trought me.

Yesterday I went into a big city and a shopping mall. I don’t like these kind of places. I find them to be so not at all natural.

When I was there I saw lots of teenagers running around in there and I felt their inner chaos. The constant influenses from the busy world around them that to me is soo far away from nature and all the elements.

I felt how lost we can be sometimes when we are not taught to connect to ourselves and the world around us from our hearts.

How do we want our word to become. What do we want to send out in to the world.

It got me thinking of what I could do to help.

What I landed in is that what I can do is do my own inner work, really connect deeply and draw the energies of Mother Earth into my heart and let that energy pour out of me.

I can let myself be a channel. I can send out the loving energy of Mother Earth to us all. I can feel the love for us, her children and let it flow from my heart so much that it flows over and keeps flowing into the word.

I can see everyone’s divine light and feel there connection to the earth. I can look at everyone I meet with loving eyes, knowing that everyone I meet is a divine being.

I do belive this is the way. This it what I have decided to do.

I am dedicating my mornings to gratitude for our world. To the beauty I see and feel. To all the love out there.

Take it in and let it flow through me and beyond.

We are living in a magical world.

We are living in a loving world.

I choose love, I choose love, I choose love.

And I radiate it in greatfulness.

I am greatful and I am rich, I am healthy and the world is a most beautiful place.

Walk in love and beauty.

Choose love. See gratitude in your life and you will attract more of that what you are greatful for.

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