Why we are here

I belive that we are all here for a reason.

I also belive that many of us have been here before. Many of us have memories of other lives.

I get glimpses and pictures, and lately they are becoming clearer.

I have been questioning my whole life why I am here. Growing up I remember feeling homesick of a home I had never seen in this life.

I knew I had family some other place, I knew that I had love in my back and people who was supporting me.

I just couldn’t figure out why I had been sent to this earth with so much sadness and hardship.

So growing up was hard. I felt alone most of the time.

I always found solitude in nature and in being creative. And when I found crystals and learnt about crystal healing I found myself feeling more home than before.

I have memories of caves deep in the earth. One of my guided or guardian angel that I have had as long as I can remember is a guard of some of these caves.

I am let in there from time to time, and I wish for more time there.

I know that for me to be let in more often I need to clean myself on the inside. I need to come in to my core.

This place is a sensitive one where any frequency that does not belong in there will hurt it or me.

It is a wonderful place of deep meditation. It is also a place where I can remember, learn and unlearn.

I realize that as I grew up in our sociaty I lost so much of my natural wild side and instead gained a lot of social norms and structures.

So in a process of unlearning and re-wildering myself I will connect deeper with myself and my true element, the Earth, where Wind, Water and Fire are always present.

I will share my travels with you.

I think the time is here for us to really remember who we are and why we are here.

I also belive that in sharing our stories with each other we help each other to dive deeper than what we are able to do on our own.

The world of crystals are here to assist us. But we must remember that they are not just here for us. We are here for them, we share a comman destiny.

That is to support our Mother Earth and make this planet and all her children into a loving place where we are spirit and fysical gardeners for each other.

As I do my inner work the world around changes.

When I find Beaty inside I am met with Beaty outside of me.

It is magical

Life is magical

Life is Love


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