You need to start by loving yourself!

We all know that Mother Earth is suffering. I feel that she is sad by what we humans are doing. We are all her children and we are missbehaving right now. We are not treating our Mother with the respect that she desirves.

We are behaving like small children, we live in a world where we are so focused on ourselves and our needs. But times are changing.
We are slowly starting to see each other and we are many now who´s hearts are bleeding for our Mother and for our sisters and brothers.

A dear sister soul said it so wisley, We all need to love ourselves more.

This really hit home for me big time. That we all need to love ourselves more. That Mother Earth is fine, it´s us who are hurting.

So if we start loving ourselves more, we can love others more. When we open our hearts more we allow for more love. Then we can love more. When we love more we don´t let fear in. Then we go from a fear based excistense to a love based one.

When we love more we care more. And when we care more about ourselves and people around us we also start to care more about Mother Earth.

This is my truth. This is what i feel deep in my heart and soul. This is why I am here. I am here to crack open my heart to allow for more love. To shine more, to give more. To allow more love in my life.
This is a hard and painfull process sometimes. But it´s the path that is chosen for me.
I have my crystals to guide me and to support me. They are here to help and support us.
That is why the crystals have come in to my life. To let me transform them into beautiful jewlery so that they can work with You.

You are important at this time. We are all important. We are soo needed. The world needs our light. The world needs more light and more love.

If you feel guided to be part of this process. Allow for guidence to come to you. There is help and there is support for you in this time of transition and transformation.

Today I step into the light with greatfulness of life´s miracles and wonders. There is so much love around. In the darkest of times we sometimes find our greatest gifts. Hold on! Together we will build a great world made out of love for ourselves and each other.

Step into the light and embrace love.
I am here with you!

I bow to you Mother in love. In loving myself more I love You more ❤️

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  1. Oh, this feels so good to read! You are important, and so am I and everyone else. We are a part of something bigger and we are here right now to heal the earth, our Mother! Thank you Johanna for what you are doing <3

  2. Hi:
    My friend Stig sent me the link to your site. I’m pleased that you say “You need to start by loving yourself!” YES!!! I’m very aligned with that. I do past-life healing sessions aimed at many things and they work very well. At the top of my list is to aim at loving oneself more and more as I think that is likely THE BIG key to our expansion.
    You might enjoy one session that I guided, where this man connected with Mother Earth. It was so powerful that all in the group were crying re the feelings about Mother Earth.

    • Hi George.
      Thank for sharing. We are in synk. So many of us are connected.
      Where do I find this session, I would love to hear it.
      I am a priestess of Mother Earth, so she is very dear to me!


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